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501Hand Blended Limited, Numbered And Signed

Hand Blended Limited, Numbered And Signed
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HCX2 Advanced Coating Technology

The Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels

No More Oxidation

HCX2 is an aluminum, stainless steel, and metal ceramic coating and protectorate. HCX2 preserves polished billet and/or forged, cast aluminum and all other rim types locking in and sealing the finish, therefore reducing the need to repeatedly polish your wheels. HCX2 will protect your aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper chrome and painted surfaces from oxidation, water spots, rusting, dulling, staining, salt spray, weathering, and pitting. HCX2 does not alter the appearance of the product,  leaves no trace on the surface and is virtually invisible to the human eye. It will not crack, chip, or peel and also allows for less and much easier maintenance and easily retains your show winning finish.


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Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Wallpaper For The Month Of March

Legend Series Collection #9 Boydster II

At Boyd Coddington Garage we  have put together an awesome collection of hi-res wallpaper of the most popular Boyd built hot rods to ever roll out of the Boyd Coddington Shop. Each month we will be posting a “Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Wallpaper Of The Month”.  Can you think of a better way to tune up your desktop than with a Boyd Coddington Built Hot Rod? Get the Boyd Look now™!

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