There is a lot to see, enjoy and explore here. I would hope that you will visit us often, as the Boyd Coddington virtual museum continues to grow and expand with a variety of exhibits dedicated to Boyd Coddington Sr. and what drove his life. This museum goal is to preserve and build on the heritage of Boyd Coddington and the cars he loved to build.

From the small town of Rupert, Idaho, where he grew up on the family farm, Boyd Coddington moved to California, reinvented the American Hot Rod and in just a few years took his company from a backyard business to Wall Street where Boyds Wheels was traded on the NASDAQ exchange. Here then is the embodiment of the American dream, the quintessential farm boy made good, the kid who went to work for Disneyland and ended up building his own magic kingdom. From humble beginnings in a modest three-car garage behind his house, Boyds grew to encompass some 10 buildings covering 160,000 square feet where blocks of raw aluminum and sheets of virgin 6061 were lovingly whittled and formed into rolling automotive sculptures. Examples of Boyd’s art graced the pages of everything from the cover of Smithsonian magazine, USA Today, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal to Playboy and his customers, which have included Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Reggie Jackson, Rodger Clemmons, Shaq, Daryl Strawberry, Dixon Edwards and Troy Aikman are equally diverse, as were the cars he built.

The Boyd Coddington Virtual Museum fills a desire that I have had for some time. That desire was for a place where fans and enthusiasts could come and learn about my dad. This is a place where everyone, fans and friends alike can explore and discover what drove Boyd Coddington, what he was like in real life and what inspired him as a visionary, and to achieve all the things he did.

I hope that the Boyd Coddington virtual museum will help you to get to know and better understand Boyd Coddington as the man behind the myth. As mentioned before, Boyd’s museum will continue to grow in content, information, and exhibits. We shall endeavor to tell the full story of this great man, through the efficient use of photographs, memories, and artifacts relating to his legacy.  We can be assured, that by following the examples of Boyd, we too can achieve our own personal dreams and achieve a lifetime of excellence.

At this time a permanent, on location and interactive Boyd Coddington exhibit is being proposed. This collection will house never before published images, personal memories, original publications, family items, and a vast spectrum of Boyd’s personal items. Please return often for news and updates on the development of this project. Come inside and enjoy the life of Boyd Coddington.

See you on the road,

Boyd Coddington Jr.

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